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About the “Checklists”

The multiple checkilsts available as subsections under each “Topic” on the left side of this page are meant to aid you, your support staff, and/or your investigators recognizing an Auto Defect Case and determining the claims that you can make in your particular case.

Any case involving serious injury or death warrants a thorough investigation of the product in question. With car accidents, a vehicle defect may be the true cause of the crash or may be responsible for the enhanced injury or death following the initial impact. Taking the time to conduct a focused vehicle inspection will ensure that you haven’t overlooked valid and meritorious claims involving a defect in the vehicle. That is exactly what the different auto defect checklists are designed to do – ensure that you conducted a thorough inspection!

Each checklist is designed for you or your investigators to use when investigating an accident or injury and to consult when determining what potential claims you may be able to bring.

The checklists cover four areas of investigation:

These areas of investigation are tailored, depending on the type of defect, to a Checklist in one the five potential auto defects listed as “Topics” on the left of this page:

Before you move on to the discussions and checklists in the “Topics” section, a quick note on gathering evidence in Auto Defect Cases. Always remember — Move Quickly on the Evidence! Always take immediate steps to preserve the vehicle and any evidence at the scene of the crash. Don’t waste time getting information from the occupants and any witnesses to the crash. This information could prove to be critical to your case.