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Helmet Defects Checklist

After any accident, the most crucial step to is take care of your health and seek treatment for any injuries you may have suffered. But when you’re able to do so, it’s also important to take a few other steps:

1. Document where the helmet was after the accident. If it was still on your head, write down who removed it.

2. Store the helmet in a safe place where it won’t be touched or changed in any way. The helmet should remain unchanged until it can be inspected by an expert.

3. If pieces of the helmet have separated, gather them and store them safely with the helmet.

4. If there are any marks showing where impact occurred on the road, ground, or on an object that was hit, photograph the marks. If it’s possible to preserve them, do so.

5. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.

6. Photograph the neck, head, face, and scalp, showing exactly where any injuries, swelling, or abrasions are.

7. Do not disturb the helmet’s buckle. If the buckle is latched, leave it latched. If it’s unlatched, leave it like that as well.

Remember that cases involving catastrophic head injury or death generally require retention of an expert qualified to examine and analyze the helmet.