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Recent product recalls

Recent product recalls include Boy Scout Wind Tech Jackets, Libbey glass fantasy bowls, Duttailier drop-side cribs, and football helmet chin straps.

The Boy Scout jackets contain a drawstring that poses a risk of strangulation and entrapment.  For more information, visit the Scout Stuff website.

The Libbey glass bowls have been found to pose a laceration risk, because they can shatter during a sudden temperature change or impact.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)has details on which bowls are subject to the recall.

Dutailier has discovered that its drop-side cribs pose a serious danger to children.  The slats on the drop side can come loose from the bottom and top railings, creating a space between slats.  An infant or toddler can become trapped in this space, creating a serious risk strangulation and suffocation.  CPSC has more information.

UA Defender chin straps, sold by Under Armour, are being recalled due to a sharp metal clasp.  When a football player comes into contact with someone wearing the helmet, the sharp edges can cut the player’s skin.  So far, six injuries requiring stitches have been reported.  Visit Consumer Reports for more details.

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