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Rollovers Checklist

Check for: 

  1. Credible evidence that the tires lost contact with the ground (rollover began) on road without being tripped.  Check:
    • Witness and occupant accounts;
    • Police Diagram (use with caution);
    • Scene: gouge marks in the road;  gouge marks off-road;  location of curb or guardrail;  evidence or debris in roadway or off-road;
    • Vehicle: scrape marks on the side or roof.

This factor alone warrants retaining an expert qualified in the field and immediately preserving and documenting the evidence.
Data may also be available about any instability issues for your vehicle’s make and model.

Remember to move quickly on the evidence!  Always take immediate steps to preserve the vehicle and any evidence at the scene of the crash. This information could prove to be critical to your case. Don’t waste time getting information from the occupants and any witnesses to the crash.