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Toy Defects

Children can spend hours each day playing with a variety of different toys.  Parents deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing the toys they purchase for their children are safe.  Unfortunately, dangerous and defective toys are recalled every month.  By the time a recall happens, children may have already been injured by a company’s negligent design or production.  Furthermore, many toys are made overseas, in factories that may lack safety and quality control measures.

One of the most publicized hazards is the presence of lead in children’s toys.  This poisonous substance has been found in products manufactured by leading companies such as Fisher-Price and Mattel.  Small children are at a particularly high risk for lead poisoning from toys, because they are more likely to chew on toys and accidentally swallow lead dust and paint chips.  Lead poisoning can cause developmental and behavioral problems in children.  Parents should therefore remain educated on the subject and stay up to date on toy recalls.

Even when a product is lead-free, dangerous and defective designs and manufacturing can pose risks to children.  Small pieces that are poorly attached to a toy can break off and be ingested, putting a child at risk of choking.  Larger pieces that detach can cause cuts and lacerations.  Items as seemingly harmless as clothing have been recalled due to strangulation risks.  Defective electronic toys put children at risk of burns and electric shocks.